We have had over 3 amazing years of broadcasting and entertaining the community of gamers. We no longer have the consistent listener numbers to warrant the expenses of operation. We have been unable to grow though I know our community has tried and I thank you. For me this started as a hobby, became more than a full time job and we have had great people come through our station and some that really hurt us for their own gain. At the end of May our signal will end. Thank You for your Years, Months and days of support of K-TAM Radio. I want to personally thank Keevan Sixx who has stood by with K-TAM for 3 years. If not for him, we likely wouldn’t have made it this long. To the others who have hurt us, stolen from us, lied about us. You have finally won. I hope you enjoy your victory.  
I am not finished with Online Radio. I will be back and I have some ideas for a new format. K-TAM may yet return. We hope our supporters will hang around with us on our Facebook Page and other places and help us create something new and different. 
We will operate as usual until May 31st where we will end our Broadcast as it started all those years ago, In Defiance. – Beck Altarr Station Manager

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