- Keep it locked to K-TAM Radio.
- Teespring T-Shirt campaign was successful. Thank you to everyone who got them.
- K-TAM Accepting new hosts and show ideas. Interested?
- K-TAM Announces addition of a new Radio Stream. More Details to come.


What Happened to the Caps?

For those listeners and fans who earned Caps from winning contests, donating to K-TAM, contributing on our forums or in helping us develop on air content of a value more than $10. You will receive Subscriber status on our new forums. The length of the Subscription will depend on how many Caps you have Earned.(…)

Updating Our Listeners

We have a test stream currently running for a second Radio Stream. Currently we are testing the robustness of our server and we will open up the link for you to tune in and see how it handles a load of listeners. We are still working out a format and a name and hope to(…)

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