- Keep it locked to K-TAM Radio.
- Teespring T-Shirt campaign was successful. Thank you to everyone who got them.
- K-TAM Accepting new hosts and show ideas. Interested?
- K-TAM Announces addition of a new Radio Stream. More Details to come.


What is K-TAM Radio?

K-TAM Radio is an online Rock Music Station with some talk shows and interviews mixed in. Our format covers Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Our goal is to keep gamers entertained and playing music our listeners want to hear. We play 24/7 365 provided the power stays on. We do our(…)

Thoughts on a Movie: “Maleficent”

Thoughts and Ponderings on a Movie: tonight’s thought provoking missive is brought to you by the movie… “Maleficent” We’ve all read or seen the tale, retold many many times over countless generations of a girl, a curse, and true loves kiss. It is a reoccurring theme carried over time and time again in it’s various(…)

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