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Core World - Minecraft

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Core World - Minecraft

Post by BeckAltarr » Wed Feb 01, 2017 2:28 am

Core World is a special custom game format for Minecraft that I will be playing a couple times a week.

The world starts as a 10x10 patch of land and is only expended by completing tasks or having Viewers/Other players spend Twitch Stream Caps.

The main way to expand the world size is through filling Supply Chests. These are Chests that have been placed by Beck and have a sign above them listing what is required and in what quantity.

Initially the Chests will be for Raw Materials like Dirt, Cobble, Sand, Gravel, Logs, Saplings and so on.
The Chests will have a diminishing return on how much the world will grow by starting with 1 item per chest square (27).

The scaling is as follows:
1, 5, 15, 32, 64 for each space in the chest.
Additional Chests will be added up to a maximum of 10. (17,280 items)
Not All in game items will have Chests. Some may only appear once in while as fun bonus chests.
Most chests will expand the world by 1 point.

As the world grows there may be other challenges, such as keeping a village alive during a Zombie hoard.

Beck is a player, but also the Dungeon Master. I will help expand the world and build things but the other players are really in charge of what they do.

There are also going to be random chests spread around with items or books that help tell a story about the world around you.

The goal is for everyone to work together to expand the world and have fun.

Chests will be added as the world grows. Some will be added only after the world reaches a certain size.

Here is a list of some of the Chests that will become available as the world expands:

World Size Item Chest
0 = Dirt and Saplings
25 = Cobble
40 = Logs
50 = Gravel
60 = Seeds
75 = Sand
100 = Diorite and Andesite

Players can not add chests or move chests on their own. Doing so will result in Penalties such as a reduction of world size.

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