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Ridosaw's "The Ready Room Stream"

A place for those Twitch.TV video streamers to hang out and answer your questions about their streams, promote themselves and their contests or activities.

All streamers who use K-TAM Radio on their streams will have a special rank.
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$200+ Donator
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Ridosaw's "The Ready Room Stream"

Post by Ridosaw » Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:06 pm


I would like to introduce myself and The Ready Room Stream I host on Twitch.tv and Hitbox


You can find me live almost everday. If I'm gaming I'm streaming. I stream mostly Multiboxing of the worlds MMO's
World of Warcraft, Star trek Online, Rift, Wildstar, Star Wars the Old Republic


See you on Twitch.tv and Hitbox

Ridosaw out

(Streamer is no longer affiliated with K-TAM Radio)


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