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What's with the Ticker?

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What's with the Ticker?

Post by BeckAltarr » Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:52 pm

K-TAM Radio has always been a story based creation. We have always wanted to have an in character feel in as many aspects of the radio as possible.

Our Core Lore includes a growing list of fake immersive commercials and the companies that run them. Many of these have commercials airing on K-TAM and we will be growing that list. As part of the fun and interaction of our community with K-TAM we will be working with the ticker and eventually a points mod system where you can buy and sell stocks in these companies. The goal of the Points will be to enter contests for prizes.

For now the only means of collecting points (!Caps) is through Beck's Twitch Stream. You can play some games there to grow your points total, more on that in a different topic in Beck's Blog.

When we have the means to track the currency on the forums you will have the ability to earn and use your currency to buy and sell stocks and trade with other members. You will earn them through your activity on these forums.

This is meant to be a fun mini game and there may be errors in its application. While we will do out best to prevent this, it does happen.

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