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K-TAM Radio Presents: The Defiance Chronicles.

Links to and information about the Adrift In The Black and other Radio Drama's set in the Core Universe.
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K-TAM Radio Presents: The Defiance Chronicles.

Post by BeckAltarr » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:00 am

We have a lot of content based in the Defiance World and lore. We have created a lot of Lore Based stories for the radio and in many ways, so I am told, made the game more enjoyable for people when playing. We made the effort to explain things in our own way for what was going on in game that other wise had no answers or reason.

This series will be an opportunity for not only K-TAM Radio to re-tell those stories with new voices and additional characters. To flesh out the lives and histories that take into account both the MMO and the TV series. More reasons to watch them again.

The Chronicles will not be in series but rather snap shots of events and in no particular order. We hope to capture the main story points but also allow for our fans and those of the series and games to work with us to create other mini-stand alone stories.

The first episode will be the wrapping up of our Defiance Content and our transition into the Core Lore Universe we are now in with Adrift in the Black. One of the most requested stories that we never had the chance to complete for a number of reasons.

I think enough time has past that we can re-cast the roles of Sam Skatch and Karl Savant. We can introduce new characters and share the stories of the people who shared our enjoyment of the game as well who are still fans.

Do you have a story from Defiance you would like to see a K-TAM take on? Did you play and have a back story you think would make for a fun episode? Let me know.

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