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Core Timeline - As best recovered from Colony Logs

Want to learn more about the Core Universe?
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Core Timeline - As best recovered from Colony Logs

Post by BeckAltarr » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:32 am

This is the Timeline as it relates to Earth up to the Launching of the Arc Ships.

2020 – The Year of Hindsight. – OPEC Announces they are out of Oil. For years they have been slowly producing less Oil as the Demand started to wane in 2016 with increased environmental laws. No one thought it was because they were running out. The demand for oil is still very high as it is used in production and less for automobiles; this forces other countries to increase their capacity.

2021 – The United Nations calls for a worldwide audit on Oil Reserves. An estimated 100 years at current levels of use is determined.

2025 – Countries start hoarding Oil in massive underground reserves.

2027 – The middle east countries are deep in recession. Small skirmishes start to break out over lack of resources and money. The western World Looks on calling it the “Fuse Years”.

2029 – Deep into their respective depressions the middle east powder keg finally explodes. From India to Egypt countries go to war against their neighbors, each claiming there are resources being hoarded. India and Pakistan have a nuclear standoff as the Indian Army occupies most of Pakistan.

2030 – Pakistan in a last ditch effort to save it’s self from being completely invaded by India launches a Nuke. It is shot down by the Chinese and explodes 20 kilometers above the surface. Entire regions of Pakistan are contaminated with Fallout. Tens of millions of people die in the panic of a nuclear holocaust.

2031 – Pakistan surrenders to India. Iran over runs Iraq and Afghanistan. The western World sits by while the map of the Middle East is redrawn as Iran finally invades Iraq and Afghanistan. North Korea invades South Korea, China invades Taiwan and declares war on Japan.

2032 – Several Atomic explosions go off in South Korea causing South Korea to surrender and Korea is united. Taiwan Surrenders to China, Japan also surrenders to China as the USA reneged on their treaty to protect Japan from WW2. The USA and Australia closes their borders during the conflicts and recalls its forces from the affected areas. Many soldiers refuse the recall order and help defend the countries they are stationed in. The International Space station becomes neutral ground and it’s operations taken over by private enterprise.

2033 – China declares war on North Korea and pre-emptively Nukes the main military bases and cities and assimilates Korea. At this point The US, Canada and Mexico decide on a contingency plan of searching out more resources and launch many Satellites into Orbit.

2035 – The wars simmer down in the Middle East and Asia. Radiation levels increase worldwide. Pandemics start in Asia and hundreds of millions die, half a billion get sick.

2036 – Middle Eastern countries start to invade parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. With so many people sick no effective defense can be mounted. This has the result of spreading the pandemics and as much as western Europe tries to close their borders the pandemics spread.

2040 – The pandemics have taken their toll. Western Europe fared better than most of the poorer countries. Africa was ravaged, in Asia and Middle East combined over half a billion people died. The Americas took a very aggressive protection stance and were not hit by the pandemics. But All is not well. The Amazon in Brazil is virtually gone. The South American governments have clear cut the rain forest to reach their untapped oil reserves in the previous 20 years and the effects are starting to be noticed as a drought has started.

2042 – In South America the drought gets worse, temperatures have risen and cattle are dying in large numbers.

2045 – Temperatures soar in South America. The drought increases and where there was once Amazon there is now a slowly growing dust bowl desert. The side effect of this is in Africa the great rain forests there have been increasing, the Sahara has been receding over the last 10 years with more scrub and tough grasses. The Savannas have seen new growth and more rain due to the cooling in regions around it from the Ejected debris from the Nuclear events a decade prior.

2050 – North America has cut its self-off from South America. People have been trying to get in to the U.S. from Mexico by the thousands. Mexico is unable to prevent the tide of immigrants, the US Severs its ties with Mexico. The Wall is completed with increased patrols who have taken a very aggressive stance on anyone attempting to invade. US and Canada combine their currency and open their borders increasing the strength of their economies. The rest of the World looks on and starts to accuse them of Hoarding.

2053 – The US enacts a Volunteer to Pardon program and empties the prisons. The inmates form a new army that’s job is to patrol the southern American borders from Florida to California, Sea, air and land. The stance is shoot to kill anyone who tries to enter the U.S. illegally. Many prisoners Desert from the border and charged with treason and killed on sight.

2062 – Mexico has been over run and Mexico City Burns killing Tens of Millions.

2080 – Most countries are no longer producing Oil and are starting to tap into their reserves. The first of 3 Arc Ships leaves Lunar orbit secretly created by US & Canada with many parts manufactured in Mexico prior to it’s being cut off. They have been claiming to research the moon for more minerals but have been mining on the far side and manufacturing the ships. The world is as yet oblivious.

2092 – Virtually all countries are now using their reserves. Many have switched to green tech as much as possible.

2097 – The Second of 3 arc ships launches. The European Union learns of the launch and the United Nations accuses the US and Canada of treason against the human race. A deal is struck and the final ship will leave with representatives from each of the remaining nations with in the United Nations. The world is otherwise recovering.

2099 – A Chinese scientist creates a way to create Oil from bio-organic matter in an accelerated process similar to how it happens on Earth naturally. The process does not create a large quantity and uses a lot of power.

2120 – Nearly all the worlds’ reserves of Oil have been used. Chinese Scientists have been able to manufacture enough “New Oil” (NO) for essential production of computers and other technology. The technology uses the natural pressures of the deep ocean and what amounts to organic compost.

2125 – The last Arc ship leaves the Earth Orbit. Each one traveling to the same star about 100 light years away. Astronomers believe this to be the closest star system with planets capable of sustaining human life. The ships will each take about 200 years to get there. They are generational ships. Meaning people will live out their lives as normal. A strict euthanasia system is put into place on any newborns and elderly to ensure that the resources are used for those with the best chance of survival and usefulness. There is a Cryro sleep type system that indices a hypothermia type state that slows down the cells aging. This is limited technology and used for the primary crew of the ships and select notable passengers such as scientists. Politicians and the rich were sold on chambers to help fund the project but the final decision was they were not necessary to the development of the colony and currency would be eliminated. It was estimated that if the crew was only revived when the ship’s automated systems could not handle a situation they would age much slower and could survive to the new world where their expertise would be required. Education systems were other wise set up to teach the skills thought needed on the new colony.

2130 – Radiation has increased the mutation rate of bacteria on the planet. New strains of plankton are found in the oceans. Global Warming has started to raise sea levels as Antarctica melts. Australia claims it as a protectorate. The melting ice uncovers primordial bacteria’s and viruses.

2133 – The last arc leaves the orbit of Pluto after sling shotting through the system for speed. At nearly half the speed of light the 3500 passengers of the most diverse DNA gets its last signals from Earth. It doesn’t sound good.
The 3 Ships: All 3 have a compliment of scientists needed to build colonies and plan for the future developments.

Core Gov has yet to clear any information for release.

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