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Core Locations & Astrology

Want to learn more about the Core Universe?
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Core Locations & Astrology

Post by BeckAltarr » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:37 am

The Core System is inside an Asteroid Cluster much like an Oort Cloud that is estimated to be millions of kilometers in diameter. The cloud is so dense no other stars are visible beyond the Core Star.

Most of the asteroids vary in size no larger than a typical house. It is estimated that the cloud is very old and that the rotation of the planets and their gravitational pull on the belt acts much like the moon does on Earth with the tides. This causes the asteroids to be quite active rather than stationary. This activity is credited with the relative size of the asteroids closer to the Core system. It has been suggested that deeper into the cloud the asteroids could reach proto-planet in size and even be other stars and solar systems like Core..
Some regions of the cloud have been named having some distinctive characteristics. It has been estimated that at one time many proto-planets and large moons orbited around the Core Star. However the three giant planets and their gravitational pulls altered the orbits of the outer smaller proto planets which collided into one another. The distinctive make up of each of these bodies remained in their orbits which created the inner belts which have a tide and currents of their own which only further confuses pilots who travel too deep into the belt.

A few of these areas are named the following:

Weeping Rocks: Likely a ice/water moon at some point this area of the belt glistens as it reflects the Core Star. Some say the asteroids are sometimes wet to the touch from prolonged exposure to the star. This area has been designated a protected area by Core Gov as a symbol of the life bearing water needed on the Core Moons. Many drifters have been caught trying to mine the ice water. The penalty is holed or if caught spaced.

Dry Gulch: Two moons are though to have collided in this area of the belt. Two distinct types of asteroid formations can be found and the collision is thought to have been recent as there has not been a lot of mingling between them. This is perhaps one of the easiest parts of the asteroid field to navigate because of the distinctiveness. That is not to say this area is not dangerous. It is more densely packed with drifting rocks which can rebound in all kind of directions blowing out debris like micro fragments that can wause serious damage or even hole a ship.

The Names of the 3 primary planets that orbit the Core star are:

Albanus: A super massive Rocky world. There is a small atmosphere of gases that are not breathable by humans. Not much is known due to it’s density and high gravity. No ships have made it to the surface intact with out being crushed by the gravity and the slight atmosphere obscures any visuals of the surface. There can be some mount peeks visible at what are assumed to be hundreds of kilometers above what would be considered sea level. This would imply that at some point there was volcanic activity. Has 6 orbiting Moons, one of them Core Proper.

Lucius: Smallest of the three planets orbiting the Core Star. Because of it’s size and location it is subject to constant tidal forces it is a very gaseous planet. The atmosphere is heavy with Sulfur and ash. The pull of gravity from the other planets causes titanic storms to form in the atmosphere. Although Probes have made it to the surface they did not last long enough to send back any use able data. What is known is the surface is hot enough to melt down shielded components shortly after entry. Has 4 Orbiting Moons.

Dantaum: Has 5 Moons.

The Crater – It’s a bit of a smugglers den deep in a large asteroid called Pergatoria in which has been fortified with other asteroids in the area to create a small maze like entrance that protects the base from rouge asteroids and slows down the authorities. It’s a hub for trade, black market and grey market trade and of course contraband. It is about a fifth the size of Earths moon made up of heavy minerals and ores making it both very valuable and dense making its natural gravity about 25% of Core. In addition it has a rapid spin which generates another 35% Core Gravity with in the station. It takes a skilled pilot to dock with the Crater.

The Crater Bar is known as one of the hottest spots in the system for gambling and fulfilling nearly all deviant desires, sexual and otherwise. The Crater is a self proclaimed neutral state that Core Gov has respected for the most part.

Core Gov has yet to clear any further information for release

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